Authentic followers and organic followers are yours when you buy Instagram accounts from the right people, like us.  We will never offer you ghost-followed accounts, which neither has engagements or real interactions.


When you buy Instagram accounts from us, such accounts are not only quality they have targeted and active followers. Our Instagram accounts are strategically grown without going against the policies of Instagram.


At GramAcc, our specialization lies in Instagram marketing service.  As a reputable digital marketing company, we have, over time, provided fully functional Instagram accounts to clients across different niches.  Our services are fast, and transparent.


For over four years, we have been providing individuals and clients with Instagram accounts with real followers. We have the knowledge of the requirements needed for the creation and management of quality accounts with targeted followers. We are interested in making you happy, like we have made our past customers.

Buy Instagram account with real followers today to get started

Welcome to GramAcc – the only company you can trust with real and top-quality Instagram accounts.  We conduct manual verification of all the accounts we put up for sale and ascertain their genuineness, to ensure that we only sell to you Instagram accounts with real followers, engagement that matches the number of followers, as well as an account that grows organically.

Our four years of experience in the business of selling Instagram pages has earned us a distinct niche in this business.  We have built a reputation for ourselves as a reliable source of finding and buying real Instagram accounts.  Our customers trust us to deliver on niche-specific pages, real followers and active fans, against the non-existing followers that will not keep your engagement and interactions active with posts.

Undoubtedly, you will find a host of Instagram account providers in the market today.  But most of them are known for delivering inadequate accounts and pages that were not built organically. Instead, they use bots to direct fake traffic and followers, and end up inflating the page value and driving engagement inorganically. We strongly kick against such practices as it is detrimental to the chances of our client having a successful experience with their bought Instagram account.  Also, we are aware that places to buy real Instagram accounts are becoming increasingly scarce.  That is why we have made ourselves a safe ally in providing real Instagram accounts for our clients, while providing guarantees on the same.

At GramAcc, we never use any of the above-described tactics in building our Instagram accounts.  In fact, all our accounts are publicly visible, which gives you the opportunity to test them in real time, before making your decision to or not to purchase. In the event that you change your mind after you have bought our Instagram accounts, our money back guarantee ensures that you get your money back in seven days.

Note: Huge attention, dedication and care is required to grow a real Instagram account. To get real followers, you need to always post the best content, engage your audience, appreciate them and be patient. Discover the best time to post these relevant things and accompany them with relevant hashtags. Make sure they are engaged on every post and try to engage on other Instagram posts too. Be an active member of the Instagram community, and by being real, you stand the chance of inspiring other users.  Furthermore, stay committed to the cause and you will see your results.

In the event that you have questions on how to buy Instagram accounts or buy Instagram accounts with real followers, kindly contact us and we will be there to chat with you. We wish you the best of luck as you begin your exploration of Instagram.

GramAcc is a digital marketing company specialized in Instagram marketing service.


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